Watanabe-Sensei died in 2019.
If you want to get a picture of Watanabe-Sensei’s Aikido, you can watch the linked YouTube videos. There you can also find English subtitles.
You can read more about his life in the Wikipedia article (in German).
There are two associations, which take care of our Aikido according to Watanabe-Sensei:
1. Ken Bu Kan e.V. – the association was founded in 1989 to invite Watanabe Sensei to Germany.
At present the association organizes several times a year Aikido courses under the motto „Saturday training„, which are taught by two teachers each.
2. the Ken Bu Kai e.V. – the association of all European Dojos, which emerged from the Kan and train in the style of Watanabe Sensei. The Ken Bu Kai e.V. spans a bridge to the Honbu Dojo in Tokyo via the examination system.

Both associations give the possibility to get in contact with the respective member dojos and groups via their website.